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We are award winning digital specialists and creative technologists with a strategic way of working.

What we do

Our many years of games experience have led to the formation of our specialist games “Pod”. Creating a variety of advergames, virals and often just ideas for agencies across all sorts of mediums, from flash to mobile apps to html5.

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Phenotype Digital Review

Our newly named offering and a productised version of what we do already.

Essentially we look at your online presence from your consumer’s viewpoint and in terms of what your brand says to those people. Read on for more…

What we are thinking…

London is where it is at

There has been much press just recently, good and bad about London. The BBC Documentary Mind the Gap, though ridiculed on GoggleBox has been a very interesting and eye-opening documentary.

The Death of Social Sharing, Apparently

So here is an article from the rather great WallBlog, that is a little light on data, but is never-the-less thought provoking. I found interesting largely as I thought it would be about something completely different. Here is why…

Pinterest for Brands

A while back we posted about how we loved Pinterest and about how we use it as a tool for mood boards and research…

The death of the slideshow?

The rise and fall of the Slideshow, on a par with the rise and fall of responsive, is in my opinion what next for web design in 2014.