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Standard Creative Brief
Extensive Research
Creative Investigations


Our creative method is much the same whatever the problem or brief, based around our investigative pillars. We believe that this thinking and fact finding stage is key to the success of any project. These pillars are: our standard creative brief; extensive research and creative investigation. Though not entirely unique we have taken this method to surprising ends. Inventive design-led ideas along with a large slice of strategy are always at the heart of everything we deliver. Those ideas have won us many awards over the years.

Once our investigations are complete and presented we move on to production mode. We plan and design extensively and then build fast, using our network of specialists. We are all united by a "get it done and done well" attitude.

What we do?

Phenotype is multi-disciplined & works across a many digital services.

Branding & Strategy

Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / Brand Guidelines / Brand Architecture / Brand Stretching / Brand Voice / DX - Digital Brand Review.

Digital Design & Art Direction

UX / UI / Web Design / Online advertising / Games Ideas & production / Print Production / Social Campaigns / Viral Marketing.

We like to remain small, keeping our core skills of design, digital strategy and project management in-house.

We have a history of building long term partnerships with the people we work with. We also tend to get a lot of referrals from past clients.

The Network

We are collaborative by nature and work with a Network of like-minded specialist individuals and agencies to deliver a range of projects.

This concept is so core that our logo is made of the specialists in our network.

Director: Sam Collett

Award winning Creative Technologist Sam is at the helm. To connect and for more information, find him on LinkedIn.

10½ Reasons to talk to us

Our team has years and years of experience in our chosen specialisms, be it design, online advertising, eCRM or database architecture.

All of this award-winning experience is for big brands as well as smaller clients.

That said, we also make use of up-and-coming talent and make a point of recruiting young geniuses straight from university. Like kids who know how to make the video work, they are best placed to tackle new technologies; they don’t have to unlearn old and outdated habits and practices.

Small companies are much much more efficient than larger ones.

Small teams work harder for your money, are more committed to creating great work and are generally much more focused.

What’s more, with small teams of experts, you can talk directly to them, rather than going through layers of middle management. We think 5 is a good number for any one team. After that it gets inefficient.

When a project comes in, the Phenotype Network probably has the skills we need to make it happen. If not, we probably know who to call.

We create ‘dream teams’ for each specific project that comes along, made up of full-time members of each specialist ‘pod’ in the Network.

The core Phenotype team are great at pulling it all together, with design, front-end coding and strategy all part of the core. Each ‘pod’ is its own small limited company specialising in some aspect of the web — be it Open Source software, database design or eCRM.

Our day rate is about half that of our competitors of similar size and experience. We believe we charge a fair rate for our experience and knowledge.

We are better value for a number of reasons. Firstly, we do not rent offices in London. Secondly, we keep things small and focused — our Network pods are small companies without middle management or accounts departments. Thirdly, we are big fans of Open Source software, which is free to use — we only charge for our time and not the software.

Strategy is the core of what we do here. We believe that you cannot have good website design without knowing quite a bit about the underlying technology.

In the same way, you cannot design a good website without knowing the purpose of it — who will use the site, how, why and what do we want the user to do or get out of the experience.

Similarly, the ideas and designs we come up with for online campaigns, viral campaigns, games and sites are imbued with our implicit sense of strategy. The brief is always our priority, and the objectives therein.

A lot of our work comes from other agencies who use us as a core resource.

Some of these we cannot tell you about or show you any work from. They use elements of our network and sell this capability on to their existing clients — our viral games pod is an example of this, since many digital agencies do not have viral expertise or coding know-how in-house.

We work with a lot of TV production houses who are used to our network and ‘dream team’ idea – they will put together the right director, cameraman etc. for one particular shoot. To these agencies we are just one part of the extended puzzle and therefore they can offer an almost full circle of media to their clients.

As you can see from our clients list, we also have our own clients who call on us directly.

The network means that we offer a broader range of services and capabilities than our size would suggest.

We rely on personal recommendations and the continued custom of past clients who know they get a great, reliable and often cutting-edge result with all the professionalism of a much bigger agency, but with less of a bill. So we thank you Channel Five, Paramount Pictures, Party Poker, Amnesty International...

Where possible, we use Open Source technology. For us the reasons are clear, but it’s worth spelling them out, and explaining why it’s great for our clients:

  • Open Source technology is free to use, so we are able to charge less to our clients
  • Open Source technology is standards-compliant, thus ensuring a better web build and a better likelihood of future-proofing
  • With Open Source technology you get free software upgrades. Plus the technology will never be pulled, removed or charged for
  • There is no lock-in to us as an agency. There are thousands of other agencies with experience of Open Source around the globe. At any point they can pick up a project and take over. This latter point is fundamental to our philosophy

Our studio is located in the heart of Malvern. This is where we work and walk, and frankly it is stunning here.

You will of course find us in London quite a lot of the time, as that’s where many of our clients are based. With today’s technology it matters not whereabouts in the country, or indeed the world, we are. Feel free to pop in to the studio or, indeed, to the nice local pub!

Oh yes we do. The Network and our small size and low overheads means we are able to take on those just plain odd tasks that bigger agencies are not able to deal with.

We also believe that a low budget should not get in the way of a really cool job that everyone wants to work on. Great projects get us very excited.

Oh, and we think we have a cool name even though no-one can spell or say it — not that you should employ anyone based on their name. Want to know what it means, find out here?