Introducing the new Phenotype logo

What’s in a logo?

We think everything, if done right. Which is why we have spent some time getting ours sorted.

We spent that time going through the process that we put our clients through when they are deciding on a new brand and or logo. We ask very difficult questions using at first our standard creative brief, and then we add to this some other methods of asking WHY.

As a result of this process we had to ask ourselves what it is we do best, what do we want to do most of all and perhaps most importantly what do our current clients think we do. Phenotype is seven years old – ancient in web design terms. Therefore we have created a large body of work in all sorts of areas and its difficult to answer this question. Our conclusion is that what we are REALLY good at is the strategy and design, but also what makes us unique is our dependency on the network, which is part of us but we part of it.

This conclusion informed the new logo directly. Phenotype is made whole by our network of specialists – who form the O as coloured hexagons.

Without the network we are standalone but with it we are awesome.

Phenotype Network Logo

Our brand new logo for fall 2013


Our single entity logo


As we know a brand is not just a logo. Our thinking has changed our mode of work, so that we are much more up front about which partner we work with. Along with our logo is a series of collateral, from this very website to business cards, pitch documents and more. The new branding is more colourful, less grungy. Yes perhaps it looks a little too Flat UI – the current trend of web design. Time will tell.

What else? The font is a classic – Frutiger. Designed to be the signage font for Charles de Gaulle Airport and the inspiration for many modern fonts that you know and love. The colors are Warm Grey and a series of colours that work together – taken from Adobe Kuler. Hexagons because there are currently six main partners we regularly work with, though there are no plans to change shape if that number changes.