Peace One Day website

Peace One Day website

The core focus of the new site is on getting visitors to ‘Take Action’ by writing a commitment to be fulfilled on the International Day of Peace – 21st September – and by organising Puma-sponsoredOne Day One Goal football matches or screeningThe Day After Peace, Peace One Day’s latest documentary film.

The most unique feature of the site is the Peace One Day Visualiser, a custom-built Google Maps mashup that displays the geographical location of people who have joined up to help Peace One day, and any events that they have organised. Coupled with an in-depth translation of the site into 6 languages (including Arabic, Chinese and Russian) the project is architectually pretty spectacular, and required a wealth of specialist expertise to build, drawn from across the Phenotype Network.

This project was created with Erasmus who are in turn in partnership with the charity Peace One Day.

ps. It’s even on Coke Cans!


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February 19, 2012